Monday, August 6, 2007

Day 63 - Bula Vinaka, Hello & Good bye Fiji

Today was the day. The final page of the greatest chapter of our lives thus far. We had all day on the island waiting for the 5pm boat transfer and soaked up the last rays of Fiji sun.

If you look closely you can see the sand bar in the middle of the ocean where our swim started from.

It was a bittersweet departure as we were saying good by to our new friends and excited to see our old ones. Beachcomber Island was a great stop and was a perfect ending.

Our shuttle dropped us off at the airport around 7pm for our now delayed 11:30pm flight to Los Angeles. This is were traveling with Josh comes in handy. HE got us into the quantas lounge and we relaxed it up with free beverages and food. They had shower facilities and they brought us blankets and pillows. A 10hr flight to LA found us in a mass of people in customs and no way to catch our connector to Las Vegas. Perfect, it was now 4pm on Monday and we left Fiji at 11:30pm the same day due to the international date line and we still weren't home. Luckily everyone flies to Vegas and we arrived a few hours later around 7pm.

The trip was over and we had arrived at our starting point. Looking back on the trip there were no regrets and if anything we found 6th gear on 4 speed. We hiked mountains in Hawaii, dove and spear fished in Fiji, hiked glaciers, walked redwood forests, bungi jumped, sky dived, snow boarded, skied, kayaked Milford Sound, Dove the Great Barrier Reef, camped on islands, yachted the Whitsunday's, hiked in knee deep snow, used ice picks and cramp ons, sleep in an RV for a week, swam with Olympic swimmers, swam with turtles, harassed sharks, partied like its 1999, slept on beaches, slept in dirty hostels, slept in 4 star resorts, explored major cities, drove on the wrong side of the road all while having the time of our life Living the Dream. Oh yeah and we looked damn good doing it.

People say that extended time away and traveling changes people or makes them a little different. I think traveling has answered many questions that I was unsure of, it has made decisions that I need to make clearer, and it has given me a wealth of knowledge to approach future life with. Smith and I have said numerous times you travel the world to realize that sometimes you have what your looking for right in front of you. The things that are most important, family, friends and relationships.

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