Sunday, August 5, 2007

Day 62 -Death for Hump, Paradise for Smith

Come to find out that my body can only take 61 days of limited sleep, excessive physical activity, malnutrition, binge drinking, and constant traveling, and living every day like it might be the last before shutting down. Pretty impressive I think. Now I know the next summer should be a 59 day trip, will get one extra just to be safe. I came down with a guesstimated 101deg fever for approximately 26hrs. I had a pressure headache from the fever the entire time and was on the verge of calling it goodnight. Rethink the last time you were sick and think of where you wouldn't want to be and it would somewhere like where I was. I took the last of our antibiotics and there was no more medicine on the island, drinking tap water and trying to put down curry everything I didn't leave the bed all day. Sleeping in a 84 bed dorm was tough and with no a/c my body was all over the charts. I felt like I was in a Mash sick bay and Clinger was taking care of my while Hawkeye was hooking up with the nurses. Helpless. My fever broke late the next night my headache slowly dissipated and the new batch of congestion set in. Somehow everyone I tell this story to has zero sympathy for me.

A midst all this there was paradise. The island party was going and the legend of Smith was growing. It was official he had taken the spot as the "most popular" on beachcomber. A prestigious award that doesn't get you much more than it did your senior year. From Smith's recollection of the day, it was filled with long walks on the beach, playing the guitar at sunset, quiet dinners and all that stuff you would think vacation and Fiji would be about. Sounds like David Hasslehoff and a cheesy scene of Baywatch.

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