Friday, August 3, 2007

Day 60 - Swim lessons for some, Water sports for others

Wake up on the island is 8am with the sound of the drums beating signaling breakfast is served. After missing breakfast the last few mornings and hearing the praises of it we stumbled and found our selves in the House of Pancakes heaven. It was a fat kids summer camp come true. They had omelet stations, crisp bacon, corned beef hash, fried potatoes, and fruit for the weight watchers. I didn't know all this could go on before 11am when we usually get up. Team DB assembled and reminisced about the growlers, and good times from last night. Then we realized that at 11am was the practice swim from Treasure Island. We all signed up and we all were committed.

After a 2hr power nap at 9am Smith was awake and arose with a vigor and yelled to the team to be at the beach. I arose like the stoned white guy from half baked and yelled see ya in a minute and rolled back over. Luckily being late has its advantages. As I was walking to the beach not wanting to swim I ran into to Sherry the Canadian girl I meet the night before and she asked if I would go jet skiing with her at no cost. Being a gentlemen I said yes and as I went to the beach to tell the team not to wait they had already taken the boat over. I was off the hook and on the jet ski. As we were about to get on the jet ski the para sailing boat was coming back and sherry asked if I would do that as well since she has never done that. So being the gentlemen, I said yes. First we went para sailing and I could see the swimmers taking the water as I was gliding over the islands effortlessly. Next was jet skiing, and the water was a little choppy so it made for some good air and sharp turns. The best part is as our time was finishing and we came up to the shore I could see Smith struggling to get to the shore and I pull and spray water everywhere and ask how the swim was. He said a few nice words to me and then said what the heck are you doing on a damn jet ski. It was an easy response. Sherry paid for the morning water sports and I went along, and it sounded much better than swimming 1km hungover. The story gets better as later that afternoon we went jet skiing twice. It was a whole day of free water sports.

The big swim was tomorrow and we somehow decided to upgrade to the long swim, 2.6km from the sand bar island to treasure island and then to beachcomber. The good part being you can stop half way at treasure and rest (Or so we thought). We then got the best thing $20 Fijian can get, horrible colored speedo's that say "Budgy Smugglers" on the back. Absolutely hideous.

After a trial run with them on and few games of volleyball and some calisthenics we were the most popular people on the beach. I never felt so awkward doing the top gun hand shake, ever. However, Josh found him self a few new friends and the nicknames "goldfinger" and "golden boy".

Night time activities were the same. Whoa going to Beachcomber, whoa going to a party....

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