Thursday, August 2, 2007

Day 59 - Team "DB" and the Island Sun

Thursday. Looking back and trying to remember everything over the past week is a little tough. Yes, we were only on a Super Wal-Mart sized island and there is only a few activities that could have been done. However, one of those activities does bad things to your memories, bad things. If your reading this kids stay off the hooch.

We timed our stay on the island perfect as this week is the annual Fiji swim. Its a 1km open water swim from treasure island to beachcomber island. We grew up in Florida and our parents owned a pool so we paid the $20. It was also the formation of team "DB" which includes Smith, Emma, Immie, Matt and myself. Now with a team that means if one us were to drown we have the others to drag down to the bottom with us.

The night was filled with native dancing, bula dancing, and tons of socializing. At night beachcomber transforms into Cancun on party pills with festivities going on till the late hours. All in good fun. I've been to spring break many times before so mostly I just sat back and watched things unfold. Yeah right. The island was the first time we have had more than three Americans the whole trip. Naturally we formed an crew (army) with the girls from Colorado, Randy from Arizona and team DB. Another night on Beachcomber that we rowed into victory.

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  1. Team Captain says Team Douchebag! Don't be shy now! We were loud and proud before ;-) (even with Americans, oh good God!)