Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Day 58 - Whoa, Going to an Island, Whoa Beachcomber

Beachcomber Island. The island is known across the south pacific as the "Club Med, Party Island". Naturally, being the explorers we are, we set out to search for this party. It came to some surprise that with an island the size of your local super Wal-Mart, without the falling prices and shoeless rednecks that is, that we found it with some ease in the middle of the massive Pacific ocean. Maybe it was the flashing neon lights that said "Beachcomber Island", maybe it was the band playing Marley songs with a Fijian accent, my guess is that captain of our hired ship has spent a night or two there.

The weather was reflective of how we felt, overcast and rainy, and it made it much easier to pursue the Wednesday afternoon nap. A nap at home is on your couch by yourself or significant other. A nap on Beachcomber is with 83 people who you have never met but will soon be calling friend. The dorm set up was similar to a Vietnam refugee camp. Not that I have been but from the best source I have, Hollywood, it is accurate. There are two lofts with 10beds a piece and 64 beds in the main area. There are no walls, windows, A/C, a few lights, sand everywhere, straw roof, etc. It sounds bad, however it is very relaxing as most of your time is spent on the beach and sipping drinks.

Night time brings festivities and usually the best out of everyone. The resort hosts nightly native dancing and a delicious buffet. The native dancing was interrupted by a 65ish yr old lady who comes to the island every 3 months for the past 27 yrs. She is constantly drunk and should have been arrested on numerous counts of crude and lascivious behavior, dancing inappropriately for her age, and staying up past her bed time. The night was a success as we meet Emma and Immie both from England and Matt from NY who would be our partners in crime the next week.Vacation.

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