Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Day 57 - Bula Bula

We have a 1pm flight to Fiji. Its about 8hrs and with some time change puts in warm weather, amazing beaches and the friendliest people ever by 10pm. I'm excited.

We may be out of contact until we get to the US on the 6th.....we will see when we get to Fiji.

If so..it has been real and we will be updating everything right after we get back.

So we are back. Its good to know some things don't change. Good luck being the important one. Flying so far is one thing that we have had good luck with. We had another empty flight, with plentiful drinks and endless selection of movies. What would we do with these items at are hand. Well we invited the two English girls next to us to a friendly USA vs England drinking contest. By the way nothing is friendly. It wasn't a real tea party. Smith was the anchor man and nailed down 7 glasses of wine and we shouted " The British are puking, The British are puking" as we exited the plane and headed to the duty free shop.

Being in Fiji before it was like coming home to a loud "BULA" by a woman that looks like fat Albert. The night continued with drinks by the pool at Smugglers Hostel at travelers beach. A toxic night that had many high points with once again the English going down.

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