Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Day 51 - White Squal

Wake up was 5:45am and we jumped straight into the water. Its a good thing we sleep with our wet suits on. Always prepared. Smith and I kept our streak alive as the first in the water. We don't want to miss anything. The dives were unreal. Whit tip sharks sleeping, more turtles, huge Napoleon Rass fish and getting lost underwater again. We never follow the dive plan. Never, but who really needs a plan. Guys don't ask for directions.

After completing three dives before noon we headed for shore. The winds picked up, the engine blew and people were puking in seasick bags everywhere. Kevin Costner(skipper) came out of the wheel house and yelled all hands on deck and the young crew was off and running. Was it really a white squall, how can you be sure if one has never been recorded? Either way we stood up for our skipp. ( Movie reference) It wasn't that bad however the swells were about 12ft and the boat was at 3o deg tilt back and forth. We made it back to shore safe and with another story to tell.

The night was crazy parties with everyone from the boat and ended with Smith breaking into the hostel, walking in the rain, a really tall Swiss girl, an Australian, a wild kangaroo and a ice cube tray. Magiver would have a hay day with that arsenal.

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