Thursday, July 26, 2007

Day 51 (cont'd) - I love turtles, I mean I freakin love them

Giant greenback, stuffed, lisa.....I freakin love turtles. This morning we saw (and spent time with) 5 turtles on the dive. I really feel like I have some zen-like soulful connection with turtles, so much so I started nibbling on coral right next to one. We really hit it off.

The scuba diving has been mostly unreal...despite a horrible time equalizing my ears, I have decided my fall back career ( in addition to philosophy and king of the world) may be scuba instructor. Apparently they are always in demand and it is a pretty sweet job. For all those people who thought I would end up being a role model when I grow up, I ask where are you and why didn't I hear anything about this?

We also did some underwater pics the day before, including an impressive accurate video of Justin doing an underwater sumersault (my second favorite pasttime behind reconnected with my evolutionary brethrin - Mr. Turtle Man).

Apologizes about uploading photos, but the connection has been slower than

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