Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Day 50 - Advanced Diver

So, So you see what had happened was... Josh and I got really into the diving thing and decided to take our advanced course on the boat. We passed with flying colors seeing smith is one with coral ( he broke the great barrier reef) and I have gills. I never knew it. All this means is that we are one step closer to being the coolest people you know. We are advanced divers and with a few more logged we are going for our rescue course and then dive master.

Many dives to talk about with a little more Internet dive. The boat is amazing and the dives are breathtaking. It is as though you are swimming in fish tank.

Highlights- Smith knocking off a piece of Coral the size of a Yugo and almost killing me.
A massive turtle(6ft) on crack during a night dive.
Team North America swimming in circles b/c we cant use a compass

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