Monday, July 16, 2007

Day 41 and 42 - Frasier Island Safari

Sunday, July 15th departure, overnight stay on Frasier Island and return on Monday night, not Tuesday night.

What is Frasier Island. Only the largest sand island in the world. Yeah the World. The remote and scarcely inhabited island is 120km long and some length wide. The Lonely Planets guide to Australia says we should visit it and we do whatever the book says. We booked a 2 day 1 night guided 4wd camping tour/safari of the island. The trip was in a bus that looked like a reject monster truck that stands no chance against the might grave digger but can handle the soft sands of Frasier island.

Once on our big rig our trusty and half way knowledgeable guide "Ranger John" told us about all the flora and creatures on the island. Who knew there were so many different trees and who really cares.

The highlight was at the lookout where we say close to 12 humpback whales within yards of the shore that were breaching the water and playing as they migrated to colder waters. An amazing part of nature that was priceless to capture. We also saw dolphins, sharks and many Japanese tourists taking pictures. Always with there big cameras and fanny packs. " Oh looky looky, free willy"

You can see whales if you look close enough..

The trip is complete as we finally camped. Well close to camping. They have preset up tents with twin size cots and they prepared steaks and kangaroo meat over a grill. But hey we camped. Its official b/c it was 30deg and I finally fell asleep after shivering to exhaustion. I love camping. Smith was sound asleep as he took enough drowsy medication to cure the sick children in Africa.

All is well. Day 42 upcoming.

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