Saturday, July 14, 2007

Day 40 - Greyhound Australia!

We took the bus north to Hervey Bay YHA. That's right Bill and Teds excellent adventure meets driving miss daisy. Yep, life has a recovery and travel day. If we had the magic phone booth and Abe Lincoln it would have been much more exciting. From what I remember and its not much, mainly b/c I was club hoping in Brisbane till 4am. We stumbled down to the train station and boarded on our 7hr greyhound trip to Hervey Bay.

The best place I can think of while being hungover is on a crowded bus with a bus driver who is trying out for Days of Thunder 2. The calming part of the ride was the movies. We somehow watched two movies both on mermaids. I didn't know the Aussies had a fascination with them. They were bad enough to put us to sleep and Hervey Bay came in no time.

The YHA hostel arrival was inviting with an angry Austrian chick, but she gave us a free drink. She is cool now in our book. Bed time.

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