Friday, July 13, 2007

Day 39+ - Cheers Mate, Aussie Bound

We did it, we really did it. A lot of people said it wasn't possible, but they were wrong. We arrived in Oz. Riding the coattails of the theatrical splendor that we found in Christchurch, we expected the lollypop kids and a horse of a different color eagerly awaiting our arrival. Close....instead we found customs, duty free alcohol, and border patrol.

We found the Airtrain into Roma station. Somehow we spent the majority of the day taking care of logistics...we planned out or trip to Hervey Bay / Frasier Island and onward up the coast to our present location in Airlie beach after returning from our three day Whitsundays sailing / scuba adventure.

Just finally finalized his finances and decided next time we as going to pay Amex the extra $3 and upgrade from the carrier pigeon to ground transportation. Smart move. He isn't a logistic professional but he did stay in a holiday inn express....clearly providing the wherewithall (sp?) to knock this one out of the park.

Next...Bunk and a little bit of a party!!

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