Thursday, July 12, 2007

Day 38 - Romantic Day in the City

Wow, I mean wow. This was one of those days where you wish you with someone you wanted to hug. Justin and I don't hug.

Instead we spent the day parading around town. First, we picked up jeans, turns out we aren't camping at all. Next we hit up the local art museums on the way to the botanical gardens where the afternoon stroll was breathtaking, I mean raining still....

While learning all about each other, like favorite colors, favorite foods, scorned ex-relationships and just talking about feeling like most 26 year old American males we picked up tickets to a local play. In preparation we stopped by the local coffee shop and enjoyed a cup while people watching out the window.

I know what you are thinking, but wait it gets worse. We cooked dinner back at the hostel (Justin is a fabulous cook), and put on our Sundays best (shocking resemblance to what we had been wearing for a week straight) for the play. The play was something else.....described as a black comedy it is the story behind the scenes of the filming of Wizard of Oz. You may be well aware of the munchkin that hung himself in the back of one of the scenes during the movie. Well you may have been dieing to know the sick twisted story of the events leading up to his self-perpetuated misfortune. Glued to your seats??

The whole play took place in the 4 bed shared room for four of the munchkins during the shooting of the film and involved wrongful violations of personal space driving one of those little guys to take his 15 minutes swinging in the background.

The perfect ending to the perfect day - world's happiest (think of a synonym) day.

Josh and Justin.

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