Thursday, July 12, 2007

Day 38- Bus trip to Christchurch

This day seems like years ago even though the trip is nearing an end and we return to the greatest place on earth, Barnaby Bailey America.

Overall the day was pretty bland. We spent the night prior enjoying our last moments of Queenstown. While the activities were a blast, the nightlife was a bit under the bottom at times and we decided just to stay in for the evening. We enjoyed more of the only media available in the world, American films and sitcoms in the YHA movie room. This is where we really turned the corner with Josh and Sabrina (English bloke and ). Sabrina is now desprately in love with the US and probably on a plane as we speak (imagine we are speaking).

The bus arrive crisp and early at around 6AM. We felt as everyone does waking up at 5AM - delightful. The highlight of the trip was the stop over in Mt. Cook in central New Zealand (south island). Luckily there was no visibility, but we are pretty damn sure it was behind one of those clouds and looked great.

Fortunately it continued to rain upon our evening arrival in Christchurch, the city of our pending flight to Australia. Rain or shine, team america doesn't put down the rains and wait for the rainbow. We hit the Kebab shop (I may, just may be in love with Kebabs). We surveyed the local nightlife and "played it cool" all night.

We then ran a muck on a pool table at a local's pub of choice. Not much more to report....another quiet night.

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  1. Funny how you say the trip is almost over when you still have 30 days left you sons of bitches!