Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Day 37 - Ski time

After a rocking two days with the snowboards and no real injuries( well there is Smith's rail incident) we took to the ski's. After being off the ski's for about 10yrs we didn't hold back and went right for big stuff. There is only one way to jump in the pool, deep end. The runs were a bit skied over but manageable and we were having a blast. At one point Smith pointed to an trail titled "Arnold Pass", its was labels so I followed him. Immediately I found myself off trail and carving our new path to the bottom. The snow was good and terrain was manageable. However at one point we were at a cross road and there was nobody else to be seen. I said " Smith is this a good sign that no one else is here", he replied " but your big boy pants on and lets rock". So we did. After a successfully run to the bottom we were stoked and decided to do it again. Why not. So on the second run we found ourselves on the double black moguls. Nice. I hadn't done moguls in a while and by a while I mean never. But I put the big pants on and away we went. Smith made it through and I had a ski blooper moment about half way and was in tough shape. Like a good friend Josh waited about 1min and kept on going. I struggled to find my ski's and then tumbled down the run. At one point I was completely buried in powder and couldn't move. I used my superpowers and made it to the bottom about 10min later.

After dropping our gear off we went to look for the camera that I lost 3days prior. Surprisingly it was still wedged in the back of the couch at the bungi place. Unbelievable.

We stumbled back to the resorts with high hopes of a working hot tub, only to be deflated as it was cold as ice. I wont tell the whole story but the next hour was a sauna with a few chicks from Australia, a guy from Israel, and some bloakes from Sydney with the wrong clothes on. All we needed was the damn rally monkey and some duck tape. I leave it at that.

We chilled with our new English friends, Josh and Sabrina, that night convincing Sabrina that Americans are not that bad. Its a success and the two powerhouse countries can live in peace. We should be in Congress. This diplomat thing is getting easy.

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