Thursday, July 12, 2007

Day 36, Winter X-Games Run 1

As if sky diving and bungi jumping weren't enough we decided to try our hand at snowboarding. Winter X-games have officially begun. Smith is like Shawn White(pro) as he lived in Aspen for a season and I am like the little brother who didn't get all the skills but still thinks he is cool. It took a few runs to get it down again as we were going for the blue and black runs (who does green). Smith hit the terrain park for the big air competition and I was carving the slopes picking up bunnies. J/K. After lunch we were feeling good and smith said "hey follow me", famous last words. We went off trail searching for some killer powder (boarder language) and found myself buried in powder between some rocks but it was good fun. We made it the first day with some sweet runs and looked like we were supposed to be their.

HOTEL Mecure. We checked into our hotel(nice touch after the hostels) and the fun began. We had to switch rooms as the heater didn't work. All we wanted was the hot tub and it was out of order. So what do we do, complain, and what do we get, free drinks. Who do they think we are. That was there solution to everything. Could be worse. Our room has an amazing video of the mountain range. Just rubbing it in.

We spent the night talking (

) to a nice Scottish couple who felt bad for us and our budget and let us eat their left over fish n chips and bought a round of beers. It great being cheap. It was the most stimulating conversation we have had in about a week as all other conversations were with 18 and 19yr olds at the hostels.

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