Thursday, July 12, 2007

Day 35, Please step away from the ledge

So how do you out do jumping out of a plane and sky diving? You jump on the third largest bungi jump in the world. NEVIS. Its 440ft nestled in a canyon over a small creek. You have to take a cable car to the middle of the canyon and then watch your life flash before your eyes. Its def the worlds best hangover cure. I don't care what remedies you have. Josh went first so I was sitting back trying to act cool while the nerves were starting to rise in Smith's face. 3 2 1 and off he went swan diving into the creek. I thought to myself how could I let my good friend jump 440ft into a canyon with a bungi cord attached to his legs. And it was attached by a guy who I had not trust built up with. Oh well he didn't stop me.

Jumping Nevis was like flying and the most adrenaline rush activity that I have done. After the jump we were in the bungi store looking at our photos and the lady said " wow you guys must have made a nice impression on Vicky". She was the American girl who booked our package and partied with us for two nights. She totally hooked us up with free DVD's and photos.

Night time activities were the same as the previous month. Meeting people, drinking, bar hopping, etc, etc.

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