Thursday, June 7, 2007

Meet the Team

LADIES and gentlemen...How is this possible???

Starting off at guard running the point its J-HUMP. 5'7'' 150lbs from Jacksonville, Fl. My first time in the octagon was summer of 2002 when Smith and I completed the Journey of Hope cross country cycling event. Since then summers are for the backpacking adventure series that we call life. In the very near future I will have to grow up and attend graduate school, get a better job, married, etc, etc but for now lets ride the wave and make it happen. Much love and thanks to everyone in my life that has made this Journey possible. Make it happen.


  1. Just remember don't burn down anything... other countries frown upon that. Start it off good

  2. Sounds awesome guys....gotta say I'm a little jealous =)

  3. You dream big and in technicolor and I love that about you. Grad school, marriage...self supporting job...your own American Express Card...these are great goals. But you will always be young at heart so I am not too sure I buy the growing up thing!! DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT DRIVE ANY CARS OVER THERE! I love you. Mom