Friday, June 15, 2007

Day 8 - Coco's Release into the Wild

Go Coco be free....find your family. Who really knows what day it is on this fantastic voyage. We got a little mixed up with the Mai Tai marathon and late night adventures. It might be the endless summer at this rate. Coach always says it doesnt matter "where or when", you should always give it your all. His pep talks are so motivational, except he always finishes everything with " a van down by the river."
Every morning Smith proclaims that he will hunt dinner with his mighty spear fishing skills. Every night I go to the grocery store and buy something to cook up. The problem is he cant get to the big fish since he can only hold is breath for 10 secs and he swims like a Rhino. As the picture shows its one deadly spear hunting team, or one hungry spear fishing team. The battle will continue.
A long relaxing drive up the Leeward Coast in the worlds greatest wrangler brought a relaxing day with amazing views. We stoped at Keana Beach and cruised the cliffs edge watching the massive waves crash through the caves. There was a local man there who had been fishing the area for 30yrs and told great stories of whale watching, seal encounters, crazy surfers, dumb tourists trying to be cool( its a good thing we got to him before we were a statistic) and others. We cruised back grabbing the local Hawaiian plate lunch with a surprising Boston College fan, go War eagles. Somewhat uneventful from the others but enjoyable at all times.


  1. We're bored at work on a Monday afternoon and you guys haven't posted since Thursday -- how are we supposed to live vicariously through your misadventures with this? We demand some seriously amazing posts for our perusal tomorrow. The people have spoken.

  2. Did ya'll disappear to The Island with Leonardo? What the hell?

  3. I hope the adventure continues to bring us many, many more interesting stories...good luck in your travels, and Hump, PLEASE come back to us in one piece! Peace out, cub scouts...

  4. Looks like you are having fun! BUT the pictures are too damn small!! Fix it, STAT. Love you, Coach!

  5. You guys need to update this thing so that god-awful picture of me stops being the first thing you see when the page loads. I call that day "hangover day" ... and are those man-boobs??!! Shoot me.

    Also, if anyone else calls me Coco ... i'm just gonna snap.