Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Day 6 - Uh, has anyone seen day six? - Survivor Island

Okay, seriously people we would like to make a formal apology for we forgot about day 6. Here is what we recall about "Survivor Island Oahu."

Our morning incorporated omelets prepared by the team for coaching staff in a make shift appreciation day. This was a key turning point where I realized that while genetically programmed to be a provider, I could no longer hunt lions (we are on an island) to feed the team and turned to spear fishing. That is right folks I am not in possession of a collapsible spear and will be hunting fish on a regular basis.

Day 6 included my first aquatic adventure in attempt to prove my worth to my tribe. Much like many of you out there, my full expectation of bringing a barrel of fish home in a sign of nomadic and prehistoric appreciation of the team and said omelets. Shockingly - I didn't see one freakin fish. We are on an island in the North Pacific and there wasn't a single fish. Needless to say, we are starving at this point. Note to self, Kailua beach is no longer on the World's Best Fishing Spots. To be far, we told John if we had to K2 anyone it would be him first, he is the meatiest.

But the team pulled together and did beat the "We are at work and jeolously reading your blog" Tribe from the main island and basked in our reward. Our evening was sponsored by Mike "Coco" Mancini at a Japanese Steak House. You may be wondering why he is called Coco. You ask some great questions. Mancini emphatically insisted that we call him "Man Child". For you Seinfeld subscribers we all know you can't make your own damn nickname T-Bone. Anyways, dinner was delightful and kept us on our toes by placing a scolding hot grill in the middle of the table from which we were required to cook our own food.

More than anything Tuesday was a really important day because John Leu was voted off the island and we extinguished his torch immediately. He had no idea it was coming even after each one of us asking him to spell "Leu" throughout the day. I am pretty sure he still hasn't figured it out and is at home waiting for a postcard. Keep checking that mailbox buddy.

Subsequently, we talked smack about him and vowed that any previous alliances were merely shadows and dust. Totally unrelated to seeing him again at the final tribal council I just want to say John Leu is the man and definitely made his presence felt. He will be missed.

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