Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Day 5 - Worlds Greatest Day

Its great being the best. Getting to number one is a tough trek but we made it, in record time mind you. Since the Hawaii team we have assembled is the best we do the greatest things. We just got a phone call from Keith, (I don't know where he finds the time) and the non-validated, erroneous poll has Monday a the Worlds Greatest Day. I know everyone has had good ones but since we claimed it must be so.

We discovered that if you don't try and help the bartenders close the bar or get rid of all their alcohol you get up much earlier and more energized. Coach and Mancini sweet talked the rental car lady and got a VIP upgrade to the four door, soft top Wrangler. The worlds greatest car. It was worth it, Mancini only had to make out for 2min with the lady and Smith did a hula dance. Teamwork. After some site seeing we got amphibious, visiting the worlds greatest beaches (sunset beach, Lanikai, kailua, North Shore, Waikiki) and doing the worlds greatest snorkeling. We do great things.

John Lue is the greatest snorkler and found a sea turtle in the ocean. Good work John. Bobo made sure her towel didnt blow away and laid down the whole day. Mancini got sun burned b/c thats what Irish Italian guys from Boston do. We got a message from out liver and it was not happy that we brought him all the way to Hawaii and didnt take him out last night. So the worlds greatest shot glass was abused again that night. The double bubble was blessed by Smith. The Yard house bar and grill has the worlds largest selection of beers, the bar tender doesn't have any validation but he said it with confidence. The night conclude with the worlds WORST karaoke performed by everyone. Livin on a prayer, Green Day, Journey and other. What a play list.

High Points - greatest, beaches, cabs, American Idol. Run with those. And try the world's greatest pickup lines or just pretend to be part of the waiting staff.

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  1. Do I even need to ask what you are looking at Justin in the last picture?