Sunday, June 10, 2007

Day 4 - World Heroes

Here it is fans almost one week into the season and were are currently undefeated. I know the bad news bears aren't that good but you cant take the wins away from us. We have a few players leading the all star ballot right now. Starting off Manchild Mancini tops the division with 35 shots and zero phone calls, John "Big Asia" Lue has the most consecutive sweet tank tops wears, Coach Smith has officially gone Bobby Knight on his pants(figure it out), Mom and Dad Bobo have finally purchased a mini van and the team can all ride together, who doesn't love road trips.

We started off the morning with the ritual of chugging three glasses of water and two Advil, and of course coach threw his eggs out the front door. After pulling it together we decided to adventure on the day and J-Lue lead us some of the most epic hikes for the day. We put on our gear and went 3miles to the first peak over intermediate terrain to find ourselves on top of the world with a view of the entire island. With the MVP race heating up Smith, John and myself went for gold and battled the second and third peaks which the guide books labeled as advanced and expert level and for the acrobatic climber. After realizing we were all of these and were minimally equipped (no food low, ropes) we decided we perfect for the climb. Mom, Dad and loved ones you would have been slightly nervous as we were dangling of the side of mountains with loosely secured aged twine. We got back after about 5-6hrs of hiking and climbing.

We reloaded the team bus and departed for a 3-4mi hike to a waterfall and 40ft cliffs jumps. Completely exhausted we decided it was best to climb the muddy rocks and dive into a swimming hole that a few 16yr old Beavis and Buthead look alike said was safe. They were trust worthy. The day ended around 8pm with a little hot tub and cheap chinese food and all of us crashed on the floor. The final results came for the current MVP voting came in late and looks like I have won by close margin. It had to be the gun show on top of the mountain. Chicks dig that kinda stuff. VICTORY!!!!!

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