Friday, June 8, 2007

Day 1 - Las Vegas to Honolulu

For you slow readers, here are the cliff notes....

  • Uh...Josh hasn't packed yet and the cab is five minutes out.

  • Hump won't relinquish a record breaking game of Minesweeper

  • Josh sends out departure email at 1:15PM Nevada time.

  • Cabbie departs 1:16PM and immediate evaluates his drives capabilities in relation to his Ethiopian cohorts. The ride includes racial slurs and the cabbie sending about 15 text messages, free of charge.

  • 3:30PM Josh and Justin chip in some gas money and give ATA a push start. We are nicely crunched between a oversized gorilla, behind 4 untamed children.

  • 7pm - We did it....we water landed into Honolulu airport. For all those people out there, yeah you, that said we couldn't do it....ha..we did it.

  • 9pm dinner with Kevin Bobo and Bobo Boaz is sighted for the first time.

  • 11Pm Smith and Hump walk the Waikiki mile. Unbelievably, Thursday night in Waikiki in summer is an 18 year old paradise.

  • Justin stays out all night, Josh heads home.

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